Friday, September 24, 2010

North to Amaroqvik - A Review

I recently read North to Amaroqvik, one of Laura's required reading selections for ACE Literature and Creative Writing.  I once read on a review that the reading selections for ACE were boring and old fashioned.  I agree that the values represented are old fashioned, but I wanted traditional values presented to my daughters.  As for boring, I haven't run into that book yet.  So far the literature selections I have read have been very interesting and full of inspiration for Jesus.

North to Amaroqvik is one of those awesome selections.  This adventure story takes the reader to the frozen regions of Canada.  It is a fictional story, but based on the experiences of the author and her family.

The story is about a missionary pilot names Andy and a village of Inuit people waiting for the plane to arrive with supplies.  Nothing goes as planned, and everyone learns many lessons about survival and about the love and provision of God.

I liked this story.  I like the fact that it isn't an easy story.  Many times in the story I wondered about the outcome.  I liked the characters and their faith even in circumstances that were dire and hopeless.

I think Laura will like this book.  This story takes place in a rough setting.  We see some bad winters where we live, but nothing like what the characters in this book go through.  It will be quite educational to introduce Laura to the Inuit people.  It will also show Laura a modern day missionary story filled with adventure, danger, and a deep faith.

Laura begins this book soon. 

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